About the Canadian Condominium Institute Grand River Chapter

The Canadian Condominium Institute leads the condominium industry by providing education, information, awareness, and access to expertise by and for our members.

Join the Only National Condominium Organization in Canada

Welcome to CCI Grand RiverWhat Can CCI-GRC Do For You?

If you're a unit owner and/or director, we:
  • offer courses, seminars, and a blog about how to deal with the many difficult issues that arise within a condominium. Course topics include the following: legal interpretation of the Condominium Act (1998), Insurance for condominiums; director responsibilities; and the management of reserve funds and preparation of budgets,
  • lobby various levels of government on the issues that matter to you (such as prevention of reserve fund interest taxation by the federal government, more services for property taxes paid, etc.) and continue to recommend changes to the government to make legislation more useful,
  • lobby suppliers on issues (such as granting a reduction in hydro deposits for new condominium corporations), and
  • provide the opportunity for networking with industry leaders and fellow unit owners and directors at various events.
If you're a condominium manager or professional, we help you:
  • gain recognition within the condominium community through educational and accreditation programs and
  • promote your company in the condominium community.
If you're a developer and/or in trades, we:
  • offer the opportunity for fellowship
  • facilitate the exchange of ideas and information with others from all facets of the condominium community will serve to broaden your own knowledge and keep you up to date with the latest developments, and
  • promote your company in the condominium community.
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