And The Distinguished Service Award Goes To…Kathleen Schrumm!

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Every year, CCI chapters from across Canada are asked if there are any members who deserve to be recognized for their tireless effort volunteering for CCI.  Members’ resumes are submitted to the National Board and subject to their consideration, the member could be recognized and awarded the Distinguished Service Award (DSA).   IMG 4849 1

The Grand River Chapter is honoured and thrilled that our submission to consider awarding the DSA award to Kathleen Schrumm was accepted!

Kathleen Schrumm and husband, PaulOn Friday, November 8th, GRC directors and members attended CCI National’s Champions Awards Dinner at the Hockey Hall of Fame.  We were thrilled to participate in celebrating Kathleen’s achievement!  What a Champ!

Kathleen has been a director of Waterloo Standard CC#417 in Cambridge since 2013.  She accepted the Secretary position and in the following year was elected as President.  As a retired school teacher, she knows the value of learning from professionals and she hones her skills in understanding condominiums and how to be an effective Condo President and CCI volunteer by distilling ideas from the CCI courses, seminars and conferences.CCI-GRC Board Members Posing with Stanley Cup

Further, she utilizes her solid communication skills and acquired knowledge to present at seminars and conferences.  If she is not busy spending time with her grandchildren and husband, we can count on Kathleen to energetically volunteer to assist in any capacity at our chapter events.  She is an active member of our Education Committee and reviewer of our Level 200 course material.  She has written articles for the CondoNews magazine and a feature condo article for her community which won the “Best Condo of the Year” award. 

Our chapter has grown as a result of local, grass root volunteers becoming involved and it is as a result of people like Kathleen Schrumm that we have been successful in growing our membership. 

We need many more Kathleens in our chapter but standing next to the Stanley Cup Friday night, we were thrilled to honour Kathleen for her dedication to CCI-GRC!

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