Hit the Road

It’s mid-summer with the grass burning as we experience another drought, so what’s the rush in reminding the Board it needs to be making paving decisions, now? The reason of course […]

Condominium Pets vs. The CAT

June 2022 Teno v. Essex C.C. No. 28, 2022 ONCAT 43 Introduction May 2022 was a busy month in the Condominium Authority Tribunal (“CAT”). As our readers will know, the […]

The Effects of Inflation on Your Reserve Funds

Almost all Canadians are experiencing the pinch of inflation, from gas to our grocery bills. Beyond its more visible day-to-day effects, inflation can have a significant impact on condominium budgets […]

Board of Directors – From Interest to Election

Purchasing a unit inside a condominium means investing in a community. Part of that community investment involves regular communication with the condominium’s Board of Directors.  A condominium’s Board of Directors […]

Vacations and Your Condominium

With July just around the corner, and the end of the school year finally making its way through Ontario, many will be looking to pack their bags and go for […]

How to Keep Your Board Members Happy

A condominium’s Board of Directors play a significant and immeasurable role in the daily governance of a condominium corporation in Ontario. Board members are not only responsible for ensuring the […]