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January 16, 2020 - Educational

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The “Panes” of Keeping Warm in the Winter



“Honey, our suite is freezing. Did you talk to the property manager?” 
“Turn on the baseboard heaters or plug in a space heater!” 
“Did you see the bill last month? We can’t keep doing that.” 

"Maybe I'll grab some blankets and throw some pillows in the windowsill, that window draft is way too close to our bed"

These can be very familiar phrases for condominium residents during the cold winters in Canada…


We The North, as they say…. What are effective ways for condominium owners and directors to ensure their residents still experience ideal home comfort during the coldest temperatures?

In Canada, we have our furnaces running on all four cylinders in the winter months. Inspecting the furnace and HVAC components thoroughly beforehand is key. Hundreds of residents are relying on a fully functional furnace to receive the best circulation of warm air. 

Sustaining all that energy the furnace produces is important. One of the main sources of heat loss is the windows.

Finding out what suites have faulty, leaking, or dated windows should be noted. Any resident complaints should be addressed with an inspection on all windows. 

The right company is important. Make sure you are dealing with an experienced glass company that has knowledge on the construction and materials involved in an upgraded glass system. 

Exploring the evolution of glass over the decades including low emissivity and solar control glass and gas filled air spaces may give you a new perspective when thinking about your building’s energy efficiency.

Single pane sliding windows is a recurrent problem.  As technologies have advanced, the clear single pane glass has been left behind in older buildings.

To mitigate the effects of convective air currents creating that drafty feeling, an upgrade to energy efficient glass will raise the temperature of the inner pane of glass thereby reducing the convection and increasing comfort. 

The image below is a good representation of the difference in U-value of clear insulating glass on the left  and solar control insulating glass on the right. In this case it is dual pane SolarBan 60® insulating glass.


Keep an eye on your single pane sliding windows this winter. It just may be the reason why cold drafts are creeping into your home! 


Brad Roy

(Business - Conestoga College OCD) 

RMS Glass Inc.


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