Hands Up If You Know Where Your Agenda Is

Does anyone else feel like New Year’s was simultaneously yesterday AND six months ago?  We’re currently in that dark period. After the December holidays, and before spring, when leaving the […]

Let’s Talk About Those Winter Blues

Winter Blues! Winter so cool! Winter so long! Do you have a case of the winter blues? After a busy holiday season, it is normal to feel down in January […]

Warm Your Tummies This Winter with These Hot Recipes

Well, we certainly hyped up the snow piles this season, didn’t we? Though we didn’t get the 5-am-snow-shoveling-Mondays like we anticipated (drat!), we have been dipping in temperatures.  There’s not […]

Vacations and Your Condominium

With July just around the corner, and the end of the school year finally making its way through Ontario, many will be looking to pack their bags and go for […]

How to Keep Your Board Members Happy

A condominium’s Board of Directors play a significant and immeasurable role in the daily governance of a condominium corporation in Ontario. Board members are not only responsible for ensuring the […]