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Condo Memoirs gives members a chance to anonymously share their most unbelievable stories. Read on for a glimpse into the adventures of condominium living.

  • I managed a high-rise that had some interesting activity.  One early morning there had been complaints of banging.  In order to help determine what had occurred, the security cameras were reviewed.  What did we find?  A lady wearing ONLY a bra and absolutely nothing else fighting with the garbage chute.
  • One Saturday, I received a call that someone was cutting down trees.  Knowing that the board had not authorized this kind of work, I headed over to the site to see what was happening.  I found a man wearing only his briefs on a bike with a beer in the water bottle holder trimming the trees back.  When I confronted him, he advised that the tree branches were interfering with some of the other owners and he was trying to save the corporation money.
  • As a property manager we often get calls about pest control.  This time, it was for geese in the common area flower beds on the roof top terrace.  They had become vicious and the residents were unable to use the space.  After allowing the eggs to hatch and contacting the appropriate authorities, the geese were re-homed.  I learnt very quickly that I had several other residents who love wildlife and thought it was horrible that they were removed.
  • COVID – 19 has been so fun…NOT.  Outside of navigating the additional emails, phone calls and working remotely, COVID has brought another fun element – “the sides”.  There are people that mask and follow all the rules and those that do not.  Everyone’s level of concern may differ.  While we constantly try to educate our condos on public health guidelines, there can still be very interesting calls or emails.  I received a call one day from an owner who was concerned for her safety while riding in the elevator.  She advised that the residents were wearing their masks but was concerned about the residents who to talk to each while wearing their masks in the elevator.  She was insistent that I send a notice to all residents advising that there would be absolutely be no talking in the elevator to keep her and the other residents safe.  Of course, no documentation states you are not allowed to speak while wearing a mask, so the notice never was posted. 
  • I had a tenant that wanted me to investigate the liquid that sometimes appears on his balcony.  He thought that perhaps it could be dog urine, however to his knowledge the unit owner above did not have a dog.  He later went on in his email that he owns a dog and will occasionally let his dog relieve itself on the balcony.  He was appalled that I advised that this was not permitted and was only concerned with what came down onto his balcony. 


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