Conference Survival Guide

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TIPS for your best conference ever?

1. Wear comfortable footwear.

You will have the opportunity to visit and speak with many industry exhibitors during the Conference. To take advantage of their expertise and “freebee’s” you will not want tired sore feet … so think comfort first.


2. Dress in layers ….temperatures can vary room to room, comfort is key.

The Opening sessions are held in a large conference room, with break-away sessions in a smaller room. Temperatures can vary greatly between these areas, depending on the number of people in the room and how “hot” the topics are.


3. Be prepared to take notes …. Bring a laptop, phone, paper, pens … whatever you use.

The Conference Committee is trying to be as environmentally responsible as possible so there are fewer handouts and more online material. If you are a note-taker please bring along your choice of note-taking supplies. Often there are note pads and pens at the exhibition booths but not always, best come prepared.


4. Come ready to NETWORK… with exhibitors, experts, speakers & other attendees.

I have often learned more from talking to attendees and exhibitors than from the sessions. Seek out other attendees with common concerns or interests ie: Bungalows vs High Rise condos, new bylaws, lighting projects, ask questions.


5. Come with others.  Everyone selects different workshops to attend….share notes.

If possible come with other Board members that way you all attend different workshops and come back with a vast amount of information to share. Maybe assign each a topic to discuss with other attendees. This is a good opportunity to just focus on condos all together so you all hear the same message.


6.  Ask questions.  Listen to the questions of others. There are no Stupid Questions.

Question, question, question, when else will you have a room full of experts on Condo Living ready and willing to answer all your questions. Comparison shop with suppliers do they all offer the same services? But don’t forget to listen while others question. I often learn more from the questions of others, they may come at an issue from a very different perspective.


7.  Listen …..Digest what you hear …. Apply what you learn. Repeat.

Listen carefully to all that is being said if you don’t understand ask for clarification. Think about the answers, how can you immediately apply this to your situation? Should you file away for later reference? But keep listening …. What is the old saying?

“We have two ears and one mouth .. to listen more and …………”



If you leave having learned just one thing that you can use immediately, the Conference was a success for you — tell others!


The 2020 Grand River Condo Conference & Tradeshow is coming up soon! Join us Friday, May 1, 2020 for a day full of everything condo! Everyone is welcome – professionals, condo directors, and condo dwellers alike! Don’t miss out – Register Now!

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