Business Partner Directory

Download a digital copy of our 2022 Professional and Business Partner Directory for your reference! The Professional and Business Partners listed in our directory are both condominium-focused and provide local expertise for the unique needs of condominiums. Each listing is flagged to identify the local areas in which they operate.

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Waste Management Services

Darren Strachan Acorn Waste Service Inc.
Telephone: 1-877-763-8877 Email: darren@acornwaste.ca
13 Cambridge St. Guelph ON N1H 2T8 http://www.acornwaste.ca

Acorn Waste collects garbage, recycling, organics and large items from: Individual units, common rooms, outdoor enclosures, dumpsters, compactors and more. We also provide 1 yard to 8 yard capacity bins.

Roofing - Contractors, Inspectors

Mark Bevington Atlas-Apex Roofing (Kitchener) Inc.
Telephone: 519-894-4422 Email: mbevington@atlas-apex.com
390 Trillium Drive Kitchener ON N2E 3J3 http://www.atlas-apex.com

Atlas-Apex Roofing Inc. is a full-service roofing company specializing in: Re-Roofing, Roof Restoration, Emergency Repairs 24/7, Preventative Maintenance, Sheet Metal, Sloped/Shingle/ Metal.


Wayne Haves Clarke, Starke & Diegel
Telephone: 519-579-5520 Email: wayne@csdca.com
7 Union Street East Waterloo ON N2J 1B5 http://www.csdca.com

Clarke Starke & Diegel LLP has served the not-for-profit and business community since 1972. Our condominium practice is a specialized team that draws upon expertise in accounting, audit and tax.


Mike Kazmaier Clean Cut Energy Corporation
Telephone: 226-780-0284 ext 101 Email: mkazmaier@cleancutenergy.ca
370 Stone Road West, Unit 17 PO Box 25008 Guelph ON N1G 4T4 http://www.cleancutenergy.ca

Clean Cut Energy is a provider of turnkey electrical, thermal energy and water submetering solution provider. We design submetering systems to seamlessly integrate with your building.

Property Management Services

Shelley Wittal Tribe Management Inc.
Telephone: 604-635-5000 Email: Maryam.Hosseinpour@tribemgmt.com
382 Queens St W Cambridge ON N3C 1G8 http://www.gatewaypm.com

Windows and Doors - Maintenance, Installation

Jason Huber Huber Window Cleaning
Telephone: 519-836-2000 Email: office@huberwindowcleaning.com
PO Box 862 Guelph ON N1H 6M6 http://www.huberwindowcleaning.com

Since our company began in 1973, Huber Window Cleaning has been family owned and operated dedicated to serving our clients in Guelph, Kitchener, Cambridge, Waterloo, Fergus, Milton and surrounding areas.

Property Management Services

Robin Cowell Inspirah Property Management Ltd.
Telephone: 519-767-2060 Email: rcowell@inspirah.com
449 Laird Road Suite 6A Guelph ON N1G 4W1 http://www.inspirah.com

Inspirah Property Management Ltd. is a firm of dedicated professionals servicing the Guelph and surrounding area. We pride ourselves on providing property management with a personal touch.

Maintenance and Restoration

Christine Merswolke LCM Property Services Inc.
Telephone: 519-573-7619 Email: info@lcmpropertyservices.com
820 King Street North Unit 4 Waterloo ON N2J 4G8 http://www.lcmpropertyservices.com

LCM is the Region's preferred, experienced Building Service Provider, specializing in Condominiums. We provide live-in/live-out superintendents, janitorial, carpet care, parking garage cleaning, pool care, handyman services and 24/7 Emergency On-Call.

Property Management Services

Carla Guthrie MF Property Management Ltd.
Telephone: 519-824-4208 Email: mfprop@mfproperty.com
28 Bett Court Guelph ON N1C 0A5 http://www.mfproperty.com

MF Property Management, an ACMO 2000, licensed condominium management firm serving the Grand River region since 1992, offers full-service management services in addition to consulting/bookkeeping options for self-managed condominiums.

Property Management Services

Corey Sargeant G3 Property Solutions Inc.
Telephone: 519-758-8387 Email: tcsargeant@g3propertysolutions.com
10 Plant Farm Boulevard Suite 1 Brantford ON N3S 7W3 http://www.g3propertysolutions.com

G3 Property Solutions Inc. is a full-service property management company offering highly personalized services to precisely meet your needs. We specialize in managing Condominiums and Residential Rentals.

Engineering and Reserve Fund Services

Tania Krysa MTE Consultants Inc.
Telephone: 519-743-6500 Email: marketing@mte85.com
520 Bingemans Centre Drive Kitchener ON N2B 3X9 http://www.mte85.com

MTE's engineering professionals help property managers and condo boards resolve their building and site needs. Our staff of over 400 are located in Burlington, Kitchener, London, Stratford and Toronto.

Landscaping Services

Richard Dobson Nu Image Lawn Care Inc.
Telephone: 519-836-0044 Email: cmorrison@nuimageinc.ca
3-304 Stone Road Suite 182 Guelph ON N1G 4W4 http://www.nuimageinc.ca

Nu Image is a property maintenance company with a team of trained, full-time staff to cut grass, clear snow, repair asphalt and maintain all exterior areas of your property.

Property Management Services

Cassandre Beacock Sanderson Management Inc.
Telephone: 5197423200 Email: cbeacock@sandersonmanagement.com
218 Frobisher Drive Waterloo ON N2V 2H6 http://www.sandersonmanagement.com

Sanderson Management Inc. is dedicated to providing excellence in condominium management through a commitment to professionalism, productivity and integrity. We pride ourselves on achieving consistent management practices.

Legal Services

Kevin Thompson SmithValeriote Law Firm LLP
Telephone: 519-837-2100 ext 315 Email: kthompson@svlaw.ca
105 Silvercreek Parkway North Suite 100 Guelph ON N1H 6S4 http://www.svlaw.ca

SmithValeriote Law Firm LLP provides competitive specialized legal services to condominium corporations, throughout Ontario.

Maintenance and Restoration

Tim Weber T. Weber Co. Ltd.
Telephone: 519-742-2051 Email: tim@tweber.ca
802 Sawmill Road Bloomingdale ON N0B 1K0 http://www.tweber.ca

We are a proud leader in the asphalt industry for Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Elmira and surrounding areas since 1972.

Property Management Services

Michelle Weigel Weigel Property Management
Telephone: 519 893 4411 Email: mweigel@weigelmanagement.com
A-185 Washburn Drive Kitchener ON N2R 1S1 http://www.weigelmanagement.com

Weigel Property Management has been providing Condominium Management services for over 30 years. Our property management experts offer relevant and timely advice in addition to professional service to our clients.

Maintenance and Restoration

Kyle McDonald Wellington Plumbing & Heating Ltd
Telephone: 519-821-4130 Email: kyle@wellington-plumbing-hvac.com
656 Imperial Road North Guelph ON N1H 7M3 http://www.wellington-plumbing-hvac.com

We are a one-stop-shop business providing heating/cooling, plumbing & HVAC services.

Legal Services

Wendy L. Newton Boddy Ryerson LLP
Telephone: 519-753-8417 Email: wnewton@boddy-ryerson.com
172 Dalhousie Street Suite 101 Brantford ON N3T 5T3 http://www.boddy-ryerson.com

We are a full service law firm with solicitors experienced in land development matters including Condominium documentation, Agreements of Purchase and Sale and Disclosure and processes.

Engineering and Reserve Fund Services

Chris Williston Caliburn Engineering Inc.
Telephone: 519-856-9093 Email: chris@caliburnengineering.com
304 Stone Road West Suite 322 Guelph ON N1G 4W4 http://www.caliburnengineering.com

Caliburn Engineering Inc. specializes in providing high quality Reserve Fund Studies and Performance Audits throughout Ontario. All reports are performed by professional engineers with decades of experience.

Carolyn Baltaz Clifton Kok LLP
Telephone: 519-632-9755 Email: cbaltaz@cklegal.ca
12 Northumberland Street Ayr ON N0B 1E0 http://www.cklegal.ca

Clifton Kok LLP practices all aspects of Ontario condominium law, assisting condominium directors, managers, owners and developers. The firm also practices estates, real estate and corporate/commercial law.

Legal Services

Laura Gurr Cohen Highley LLP
Telephone: 519-672-9330 Email: gurr@cohenhighley.com
255 Queens Avenue 11th Floor London ON N6A 5R8 http://www.cohenhighley.com

Cohen Highley LLP is a full service law firm with offices in London and Kitchener. Our team provides a broad range of legal services to condominium corporations and property managers

Insurance Services

David Outa Cowan Insurance Group
Telephone: 519-650-6360 Email: david.outa@cowangroup.ca
705 Fountain Street North PO Box 1510 Cambridge ON N1R 5T2 http://www.cowangroup.ca

Cowan Insurance Group is a leading Canadian owned and operated insurance brokerage and consulting firm. We offer risk management and insurance solutions for condominium corporations, unit owners, property managers, builders.

Property Management Services

Bill Kieswetter Freure Property Management Ltd.
Telephone: 519-578-7771 Email: bkieswetter@freure.com
501 Krug Street Suite 201 Kitchener ON N2B 1L3 http://www.freure.com

Freure Property Management Limited is a division of the Freure Group and has been managing condominium and residential properties throughout the Golden Horseshoe for the past 45 years.

Property Management Services

Sean Wilde UE, RCM, LCCI, OLCM Lee Management Solutions Inc.
Telephone: 800-590-8805 Email: sean@leemanagementsolutions.ca
209 Frederick Street Suite 3A Kitchener ON N2H 2M7 http://www.leemangementsolutions.ca

Specializing in condominium property management and developer consulting for condominium corporations; high rise, low rise, town home, residential and commercial.

Accounting Services

Mike Manera RLB LLP
Telephone: 1-866-822-9992 Email: mike@rlb.ca
650 Riverbend Drive Suite B Kitchener ON N2K 3S2 http://www.rlb.ca

With over 65 years of experience, RLB proudly serves our surrounding communities from our Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, Fergus and Orangeville offices. RLB has a well-established niche specialized in serving condominium corporations.


Lauren Sorbara RLB LLP
Telephone: 1-866-822-9992 Email: lauren.sorbara@rlb.ca
197 Hanlon Creek Boulevard Unit 103 Guelph ON N1C 0A1 http://www.rlb.ca

With over 65 years of experience, RLB proudly serves the communities surrounding our Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, Fergus, Orangeville and Shelburne offices. RLB has a well-established niche specialized in serving condominiums.

Legal Services

Robert M. Mullin SmithValeriote Law Firm LLP
Telephone: 519-837-2100 ext 255 Email: rmullin@svlaw.ca
105 Silvercreek Parkway North Suite 100 Guelph ON N1H 6S4 http://www.svlaw.ca

SmithValeriote Law Firm LLP provides competitive specialized legal services to condominium corporations, throughout Ontario.

Property Management Services

David Glithero Trevarren Property Management Services Inc.
Telephone: 519-620-3177 Email: admin@trevarren.com
45 Cambridge Street Cambridge ON N1R 3R8

Trevarren Property Management provides complete property management services to condominiums in the Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Guelph areas. Trevarren focuses on providing condominium boards of directors with timely and sound advice.

Asphalt - Repair and Maintenance, Paving

Jody Draves Creative Asphalt & Landscape Inc.
Telephone: 519-699-4444 Email: info@creativeasphalt.ca
55 Northfield Drive East Suite 387 Waterloo ON N2K 3T6 http://www.creativeasphalt.ca

All year round Outdoor Services with over 30 years of experience. Paving, line painting, sealing, excavation, crackfilling, catchbasins, drainage, concrete, landscape & winter maintenance

Emergency/Disaster Restoration

Mike Conway Woodhouse Group - Mouldoff Waterloo Region
Telephone: 24HR: 519-749-3790, 8:30am-5pm: 519-635-5699 Email: admin@woodhouse.ca
207 Madison Avenue South Kitchener ON N2G 3M7 http://www.woodhouse.ca

Woodhouse Group - Third generation family owned and operated, having a rich 50 Year History in the Waterloo Region *24hour emergency Disaster Restoration - Commercial - Residential - Environmental

Landscaping Services

Mike Cameron On-Site Maintenance & Repairs Inc
Telephone: 519-894-1421 Email: mjljcam@golden.net
25 Manitou Drive Unit 3B Kitchener ON N2C 1K9 http://www.onsitemaintenance.ca

Maintaining your condominium property takes dedication and skill. On-Site offers a variety of landscaping maintenance packages to suit your needs from basic cut and trim to all-inclusive with snow/ice control.

Property Management Services

Tracy Stemerdink T & Co. Property Management Inc.
Telephone: 519-888-6054 Email: tracy.rcm@gmail.com
4 Willow Street Waterloo ON N2J 4S2

Roofing - Contractors, Inspectors

Bryce McCandless Semple Gooder Roofing Corporation
Telephone: 519-623-3300 Email: bmccandless@semplegooder.com
309 Darrell Drive Ayr ON N0B 1E0 http://www.semplegooder.com

Semple Gooder Roofing Corporation provides emergency roofing services and roof replacements through property managers and consultants serving the condominium industry. Since 1947 we have built our reputation on superior workmanship.

Engineering and Reserve Fund Services

Vickilee Pinchin IRC Building Sciences Group
Telephone: 519-224-3456 ext. 6102 Email: vpinchin@ircgroup.com
260 Holiday Inn Drive Suite A25 Cambridge ON N3C 4E8 http://www.ircgroup.com

IRC Building Sciences Group is celebrating over thirty-five (35) years of professional engineering/consulting. We focus on building performance through evaluation, specification/design and rehabilitation of commercial, institutional, industrial and multi-residential facilities.

Building Restoration Contractors

Rob Milovancev Brick & Co Restorations Ltd.
Telephone: 519-749-1541 Email: robm@brickandco.ca
100 Hanson Avenue Suite A Kitchener ON N2C 2E2 http://www.brickandco.ca

Brick & Co specializes in concrete and masonry restoration and repair as well as building envelope and water proofing services in Southwestern Ontario.

Legal Services

Mark Willis-O'Connor McCarter Grespan Beynon Weir PC
Telephone: 519-571-8800 ext 145 Email: mark@mgbwlaw.com
675 Riverbend Drive Kitchener ON N2K 3S3 http://www.mgbwlaw.com

McCarter Grespan offers timely, quality legal services to property managers, boards of directors, and owners on all aspects of corporate governance and dispute resolution.

Maintenance and Restoration

Richard Hughes, PEng HIP Mould Professionals
Telephone: 226-821-3206 Email: richard@h-i-p.ca
51 Woodland Glen Drive Guelph ON N1G 3N2 http://www.H-I-P.ca

HIP Mould Professionals has completed over 3,000 mould treatments in residences, townhomes & commercial properties since 2007. No-charge inspections, problem source is fixed, guaranteed results, no flashing lights. Try us!

Security - Companies, Guards, Card Access

Kamran Farooq Links Security Services
Telephone: 519-573-0948 Email: kamran@linkssecurity.ca
31 Keller Crescent Kitchener ON N2N 3M7 http://www.linksecurity.ca

We are committed to conducting ourselves with integrity and practicing the highest ethical standards, our personal and business ethics ensure that Links Security is a company worthy of trust

Landscaping Services

Michelle Dyer Superb Group Inc
Telephone: 519-763-9613 Email: michelle@superbinc.ca
PO Box 26052 Guelph ON N1E 6W1 http://www.superbpropertymaintenance.ca

Providing Professional Grounds Management (Snow Removal and Landscaping Services); Complete Property Maintenance & Power-sweeping Services for Condominiums

Other Services

Joanne Richards R3 Integrators Inc.
Telephone: 519-993-6817 Email: joanne@r3i.ca
PO Box 25016 Stone Road West Guelph ON N1G 2X0 http://www.r3i.ca

R3 specializes in installing, servicing and managing security solutions for condominiums including video, access control (fobs) and intercom systems. We also install and maintain automatic door openers and fire systems.

Other Services

George Harrietha Darmax Inc.
Telephone: 519-823-5444 Email: georgeh@darmaxinc.ca
7602 Wellington Rd. 36 Puslinch ON N0B 2J0 http://www.darmaxinc.ca

Darmax Inc. has been caring for ICI and Multi-Unit Properties for over 40 years. As Needed Repairs, Scheduled Maintenance, Renovations, Exterior Lighting. We are knowledgeable and responsive.

Landscaping Services

Nathan Helder Gelderman Landscape Services
Telephone: 1-800-667-0644 Email: nhelder@gelderman.com
831 Centre Road PO Box 82120 Waterdown ON L0R 2M0 http://www.gelderman.com

Caring for condominiums for over 60 years, Gelderman Landscape Services provides a full suite of services including landscape maintenance, property enhancements, turf services and snow & ice removal.

Property Management Services

Brad Wells Wilson, Blanchard Management Inc
Telephone: 519-620-8778 Email: brad.wells@wilsonblanchard.com
73 Water Street North Suite 605 Cambridge ON N1R 7L6 http://www.wilsonblanchard.com

Since 1995 Wilson, Blanchard’s mission has been dedicated to being the most trusted name in Condo Management.

Engineering and Reserve Fund Services

Greg Devine McIntosh Perry
Telephone: 289-319-3110 Email: g.devine@mcintoshperry.com
6240 Highway 7 Suite 200 Woodbridge ON L4H 4G3 http://www.mcintoshperry.com

McIntosh Perry is a national engineering firm that specializes in reserve fund studies, assessments, and project management for repairs of buildings.

Building Sciences Consulting Engineers

Jordan Swail Read Jones Christofferson Ltd. (RJC Engineers)
Telephone: 519-954-6392 Email: jswail@rjc.ca
22 Frederick Street Suite 1014 Kitchener ON N2H 6M6 http://www.rjc.ca

A national consulting engineering firm, with over seven decades of experience and a strong local presence. Our services include reserve fund studies, technical audits, evaluations and repair programs.

Engineering and Reserve Fund Services

David Heska WSP Canada Inc.
Telephone: 519-743-8777 Email: david.heska@wsp.com
582 Lancaster Street West Kitchener ON N2K 1M3 http://www.wsp.com

WSP is a world-leading engineering company with offices across Canada including Hamilton, Kitchener, Windsor and Toronto. Our services for condominiums include performance audits, reserve fund studies and restoration project management.

Financial Services

Ryan Griffiths CWB Maxium Financial
Telephone: 905-537-3557 Email: ryan.griffiths@cwbmaxium.com
38 Vogell Road Unit 1 Richmond Hill ON L4B 3K6 http://www.cwbmaxium.com

CWB Maxium Financial provides creative financing solutions to condo corporations across Canada for common element repairs and replacements. We are active members of several regional chapters of CCI and ACMO.

Locksmith Services & Suppliers

Adam Merrett Pop-A-Lock Southwestern Ontario
Telephone: 519 894-5625 Email: service@popalock.ca
48 Queen Street East Unit 10 Cambridge ON N3C 2A8 http://swontario.popalock.ca

Pop-A-Lock is a full service locksmith and security professional company. We specialize in door hardware, locks, fob systems, automatic door operators, CCTV, and anything else locksmith, door hardware or security

Other Services

Nenad Barba Rooney, Irving & Associates Ltd.
Telephone: 905-637-2049 Email: agee@rooneyirving.ca
5063 North Service Road Suite 200 Burlington ON L7L 5H6 http://www.rooneyirving. ca

RIA is a full-scope elevator consulting firm with a complete range of services and solutions to meet your specific elevator and escalator needs. We bring our expertise to you.

Property Management Services

Jennifer Beaver CIE Property Management & Consulting Inc.
Telephone: 519-938-7418 Email: info@teamcie.ca
192 Main Street East Unit 1 Milton ON L9T 1N8 http://www.teamcie.ca

Management with integrity and efficiency with a focus on community. We are Team CIE! Managing condominiums, residential rentals, investment properties and commercial properties. We are here for you!

Engineering and Reserve Fund Services

Henry Jansen Criterium - Jansen Engineers
Telephone: 519-940-0571 Email: info@criterium-jansen.com
25 First Street Orangeville ON L9W 2C8 http://www.criterium-jansen.com

We specialize in all aspects of building evaluation services for Condominium Communities - Building Restoration, Reserve Fund Studies, Performance Audits, and more. We are DEDICATED, LOCAL and PROFESSIONAL. #trustthetriangle

Building Sciences Consulting Engineers

Ian Miller Pretium
Telephone: 519-648-3526 ext. 223 Email: ian.miller@pretiumeng.com
320 Woolwich Street South Breslau ON N0B 1M0 http://www.pretiumengineering.com

Pretium is a professional engineering firm that provides high quality, evidence-driven consulting services. Our engineered solutions have solved building performance problems, on time and within budget since 1996.

Legal Services

Chris Jaglowitz Common Ground Condo Law
Telephone: 416-467-5712 Email: chris@commongroundcondolaw.ca
100 King St W. Suite 5700 Toronto ON M5X 1C7 http://www.commongroundcondolaw.ca

Ontario's newest condo law firm, serving condo corporations across Ontario with top-notch practical advice, the latest technology and highest standards for client-centred service.

Maintenance and Restoration

Khalil Bou-Zaid K.I.B Building Restoration Inc.
Telephone: 905-614-0002 Email: info@kibrestoration.com
5320 Bradco Boulevard Mississauga ON L4W 1G7 http://www.kibrestoration.com

A leader in building restoration across Southern Ontario since 1999

Roofing - Contractors, Inspectors

Robin Snieder Alliance Roofing
Telephone: 226-343-1529 Email: robin@allianceroofing.ca
25 Cope Court Guelph ON N1K 0A4 http://allianceroofing.ca

Alliance Roofing is annually awarded as a leading flat roofing contractor in Canada since 1999. We offer Preventative Maintenance, 24/7 Emergency Repair, Retrofit, Roof Replacement, New Construction, and Roof Cleaning.

Engineering and Reserve Fund Services

Stefan Nespoli Edison Engineers Inc.
Telephone: 289-925-5029 Email: snespoli@edisonengineers.ca
181 Groh Avenue Suite 201G Cambridge ON N3C 1Y8 http://www.edisonengineers.ca

Structural Restoration: Garages, Balconies, Retaining Walls, etc. Building Envelope: Leaks, Windows, Cladding, Roofs, etc. Capital Planning: Reserve Fund Studies, Performance Audits, etc. Mechanical Electrical: Heating & Cooling Systems, Ventilation, etc.

Financial Services

Will MacKay CIBC Wood Gundy
Telephone: 905-272-6026 Email: will.mackay@cibc.ca
1 City Centre Drive Suite 1100 Mississauga ON L5B 1M2 http://www.thehazenhayesinvestmentgroup.com

As part of one of CIBC's preeminent brokerage teams, Will MacKay's work with condominiums focuses on ways to generate optimal returns and liquidity for the reserve fund while mitigating risk.

Engineering and Reserve Fund Services

Tim Beattie Brown & Beattie Ltd.
Telephone: 519-827-1757 Email: beattie@brownbeattie.com
490 York Road Building A, Suite 109 Guelph ON N1E 6V1 http://www.brownbeattie.com

Brown & Beattie Ltd. has extensive experience in Reserve Fund Studies, Performance Audits, investigation and repair of building systems and structures for condominium corporations and property management firms.

Maintenance and Restoration

James Lorenzen LEaC Shield
Telephone: 1.855.946.1783 Email: jamesl@leacshield.com
123 Consortium Court London ON N6E 2S8 http://www.leacshield.com

LEaC Shield Pinhole Leak Prevention Program. We protect your building’s water pipes by quickly stopping water leaks. WATERSHIELD will continuously monitor use and notify you when water is being lost.

Building Sciences Consulting Engineers

Andrew Poirier Cion Corp | Engineers & Building Scientists
Telephone: 416 953 8667 Email: Andrew.Poirier@cion.com
920 Brant Street Suite 22 Burlington ON L7R 4J1 http://cioncoulter.com

Cion|Coulter is a multi-disciplined consulting firm with a primary goal of providing engineering and consulting services to the Condominium/Property Management industry.

Thermal Glass Replacement

Tim Davidson RMS Glass Inc.
Telephone: 519-212-7883 Email: timd@rmsglassinc.ca
86 Glenview Avenue Cambridge ON N1R 2W2 http://www.rmsglassinc.ca

We are a glass company that specializes in providing replacement glass solutions for hi-rise, mid-rise, and apartment house windows. We would be pleased to be part of your "Green Plan".


Andy Jones Jones Electric of Kitchener Inc.
Telephone: 519-745-5158 Email: office@joneselectricofkitchener.ca
275 Gage Avenue Unit 3 Kitchener ON N2M 2C8 http://www.joneselectricofkitchener.ca

Jones Electric of Kitchener Inc. provides residential, commercial and industrial electrical service in Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, and surrounding areas. We strive to provide consistently excellent service in a timely manner.

Elevator - Consultants, Maintenance, Manufacturer, Retrofits

Angie White Delta Elevator Co Ltd
Telephone: 519-745-5789 Email: awhite@delta-elevator.com
509 Mill Street Kitchener ON N2G 2Y5 http://www.delta-elevator.com

Delta Elevator is a privately-owned Canadian company founded in 1967. Delta is one of the few independent, fully integrated Canadian elevator companies that engineers, manufactures, installs, services and maintains all

Other Services

Angela Young Waterloo Garage Doors Inc.
Telephone: 519-888-9111 Email: wgdap@waterloogaragedoors.com
255 Bathurst Drive Waterloo ON N2V 2E4 http://www.waterloogaragedoors.com

Sales, Service, Installation of Overhead Garage Doors, Underground Parking Facility Garage Doors and Remotes, Car Hoists, Security Shutters, Energy Saving Screens, Heated Outdoor Furniture, Electrical Troubleshooting. 24 Hour Emergency Service

Waste Management Services

Jason Tower CanAm Waste
Telephone: 647-492-0318 Email: jason@canamwaste.ca
17 - 353 Saunders Road Barrie ON L4N 9A3 http://www.canamwaste.ca

Industry specialists for TriSorter retrofits. TriSorter/BiSorter preventative maintenance and repairs. Compactors / containers. Bin Buddy Systems. Odour control systems. Waste Management Experts. Garbage chute repairs

Legal Services

Michelle Kelly Robson Carpenter LLP
Telephone: 519-632-1327 x247 Email: mkelly@rcllp.ca
99 Stanley Street Ayr ON N0B 1E0 http://www.rcllp.ca

Robson Carpenter LLP provides legal services to condominiums throughout Ontario, including reviewing and preparing agreements and other documents, collecting arrears, and representing clients at mediations, arbitrations, and in court.

Legal Services

Christopher Mendes SmithValeriote Law Firm LLP
Telephone: 519-837-2100 ext 264 Email: cmendes@svlaw.ca
105 Silvercreek Parkway North Suite 100 Guelph ON N1H 6S4

Richard Elia Elia Associates
Telephone: 9058550400 Email: richard@elia.org
101 - 2275 Upper Middle Road East Oakville ON L6H 0C3 https://www.elia.org/

Aim higher, Achieve More! Elia Associates is committed to providing comprehensive, cost-effective and practical legal solutions that meet the needs of our condominium community. We are CONDOCENTRIC.CA

Victor Yee Elia Associates
Telephone: 416-446-0800 Email: vyee@elia.org
5141 Steeles Avenue West Toronto ON M9L 1R5

House Keeping Services

Matthew Seebach Molly Maid Tri-Cities
Telephone: 519-620-4411 Email: kitchener.waterloo@mollymaid.ca
2 - 292 Elgin Street North Cambridge ON N1R 7H9 http://www.mollymaid.ca

Janitorial and cleaning service. We can provide cleaning for common elements or units both occasionally or on a regular basis. Fully bonded and insured with WSIB certificates available.

Laundry Facilities

Jeff Gilpin River Rock Laundry
Telephone: 519-277-2646 Email: jeff@riverrocklaundry.com
79 Woolwich Street South, Unit 3 PO Box 86 Breslau ON N0B 1M0 http://www.riverrocklaundry.com

River Rock Laundry provides vended laundry equipment and service to the multi-residential housing industry in Ontario including machine repair, sales, rental, and full-service options. Ask about our mobile payment technology.

Irrigation - Lawns

Nathan Helder Arizona Outdoor Solutions Inc.
Telephone: 905-627-7485 Email: nathan@arizonaoutdoorsolutions.ca
86 Lynden Road PO Box 136 Lynden ON L0R 1T0 http://www.arizonaoutdoorsolutions.ca

Trusted, reliable sprinkler system installation contractor proudly serving the KW, Guelph, Hamilton & Halton regions. We also have numerous years of experience in creating stunning, energy efficient landscape lighting solutions for your outdoor oasis.

Animal / Pest Control

Toma Pantic Sentinel Pest Control Inc.
Telephone: 226-989-5157 Email: toma@sentinelpestcontrol.ca
PO Box 34009 Fieldgate PO Kitchener ON N2N0C1 http://www.sentinelpestcontrol.ca

Sentinel Pest Control is the local solution for your pest management needs in Southern Ontario. We offer professional solutions for pests and wildlife. Call us for a free quote.

Building Sciences Consulting Engineers

Andrew Holford EXP Services Inc.
Telephone: 519-650-4918 Email: andrew.holford@exp.com
405 Maple Grove Road Suite 6 Cambridge ON N3E 1B6 http://www.exp.com

EXP is a full service national engineering firm with local offices across Canada. EXP provides expert services and support to Property Managers and Condominium Corporations to meet all their needs.

Asphalt - Repair and Maintenance, Paving

Derek Resendes 5 Star Paving (Cambridge) Inc.
Telephone: 519-624-1712 Email: derek@5starpaving.com
1370 Main Street East Cambridge ON N1R 5S7 http://www.5starpaving.com

Commercial, industrial and municipal asphalt paving, parking lots, roadways, sewer & watermain

Insurance Services

William Shin Normac
Telephone: 4168798258 Email: william@normac.ca
151 Yonge Street, 11th Floor Toronto ON M5C 2W7 http://www.normac.ca

We are Canada's insurance appraisals experts. We deliver peace of mind to owners, property managers, and insurance brokers with our industry-leading replacement cost reports and unrivalled customer service.

Insurance Services

Stephen Skolny BFL CANADA
Telephone: 416-644-3407 Email: sskolny@bflcanada.ca
181 University Avenue Suite 1700 Toronto ON M6H 3M7 http://www.bflcanada.ca

At BFL Canada, we are equipped with deep industry knowledge and extensive expertise. This allows us to quantify and manage your potential risks in order to pinpoint new opportunities for growth.

Maintenance and Restoration

Jason Robart Winmar - Cambridge
Telephone: 519-621-0200 Email: cambridge@winmar.ca
35 Raglin Road Unit 1 Cambridge ON N1T 1X9 https://winmarcambridge.com/

Winmar provides 24 hour emergency restoration services, repairs and reconstruction.

Building Sciences Consulting Engineers

Alan Belanger Belanger Engineering
Telephone: 905-795-9997 Email: abelanger@belangerengineering.ca
1060 Britannia Road East Suite 23 Mississauga ON L4W 4T1 http://www.belangerengineering.ca

Belanger Engineering is a consulting engineering firm specializing in Building Science. We provide consulting services in Structural, Mechanical and Electrical disciplines, including reserve fund studies and energy audits.

Maintenance and Restoration

Joseph Melo Enerliv Insulation
Telephone: 519-772-7000 Email: jmelo@enerliv.ca
185 Washburn Drive Kitchener ON N2R 1S1 https://www.enerliv.ca/

If it has anything to do with insulation, you can count on us! Enerliv was founded in 2006, serving South Western Ontario from the KW and surrounding areas.

Property Management Services

Greg Fraleigh The Enfield Group Inc
Telephone: 905-689-7341 Email: info@enfield.net
P.O. Box 1120 1 Hamilton St. S Waterdown ON L0R 2H0 http://www.enfield.net

Family owned and operated for 91 years, The Enfield Group leads in property management within the Golden Horseshoe for residential hi-rise, townhouse condos, rental apartments, cooperative, non-profit and senior communities.

Property Management Services

Angel Marie Reiner Onyx Condo Management
Telephone: 226-988-1766 Email: angel@onyxcm.ca
659 Stirling Ave S Suite 100 Kitchener ON N2M 0B1 https://www.onyxcm.ca/

Onyx Condo Management is a technology-centric, customer focus property management firm. Combined with a property development background for sound maintenance experience.

Property Management Services

Karen King King Condo Management Inc
Telephone: 519-279-6796 Email: karen@kingcondomgt.com
42 Bridgeport Rd E Waterloo ON N2J 0B3 http://www.kingcondomgt.com

King Management Inc. offers high-quality condominium management services. We protect and increase the value of our clients' assets while providing the best customer service possible.

Insurance Services

Mark Shedden Atrens-Counsel Insurance Brokers
Telephone: 905-567-2080 Email: m.shedden@atrens-counsel.com
7111 Syntex Drive Suite 200 Mississauga ON L5N8C3 http://atrens-counsel.com/home.aspx

Atrens-Counsel Insurance Brokers, part of Arthur J. Gallagher Canada Limited is a property and casualty insurance brokerage in Ontario that specializes in unique and customized insurance solutions for our clients.

Alex Carrigan Naylor Building Partnerships Inc
Telephone: 519 220 9173 Email: acarrigan@naylorbp.com
375 Sheldon Drive Suite 7&8 Cambridge ON N1T 1B1 http://www.naylorbp.com

When you choose Naylor as your single-source commercial hvac & refrigeration, electrical, plumbing, and compressed air partner, you will be working with one of Ontario’s largest and most reputable providers

Property Management Services

Shari Guinta Harbour Concepts Inc.
Telephone: 519-242-5129 Email: info@harbourconcepts.com
180 Northfield Drive West Unit 4 Waterloo ON N2L 0C7 http://www.harbourconcepts.com

We take great pride in our client first approach. The interactions we share shape our relationships as we work hard to uphold our standards and focus on customer service.

Property Management Services

Jennifer Zammit Trademark Property Management
Telephone: 519-204-4004 Email: jzammit@trademarkltd.com
607 Queens Ave London ON N6B 1Y9 http://www.trademarkltd.com

Trademark offers condominium management services including full service, vacant land, financial service, builder services, Trademark offers high-level communication and financial oversight partnering with the condominium and its shareholders.

Ducts & Vents - Cleaning & Repairs

Patrick Stradiotto Dryer Vent Wizard
Telephone: 6473282822 Email: pstradiotto@dryerventwizard.com
255 Summerfield Drive Unit 19 Guelph ON N1L 0E1 http://www.dryerventwizard.com

"Dryer Vent Wizard's goal is to assist each property manager with a certified and professional dryer vent cleaning, inspection, repair and alteration service. Keeping condo communities safe and energy efficient.

Financial Services

Jim Wallace Condominium Financial
Telephone: 647-250-7260 Email: jim@condominiumfinancial.com
120 Matheson Blvd Suite #102 Mississauga ON L4Z-1X1 http:// www.condominiumfinancial.com

We are consultants that work for you, not the lenders. We access multiple lenders on your behalf, providing you with more loan choices.

Legal Services

Deborah Howden Shibley Righton LLP
Telephone: 416-214-5279 Email: Deborah.howden@shibleyrighton.com
250 University Ave. Unit 700 Toronto ON M5H 3E5

Maintenance and Restoration

James Seifried JS Condo Services
Telephone: 226-820-0622 Email: jscondoservices@gmail.com
44 Emma Street #107 Guelph ON N1E 1T6 http://www.jscondoservices.com

We bring hands-on expertise to assist property managers in addressing the every-day maintenance of condominiums, including a wide variety of maintenance, repairs and installations.

Maintenance and Restoration

Bernard Nieuwenhuis Sparkle Clean and Restore
Telephone: 905-681-7688 Email: bernard@sparkleandrestore.ca
PO Box 71093 Burlington ON L7T 4J8 http://www.sparkleandrestore.ca

Legal Services

Antoni Casalinuovo Elia Associates
Telephone: 9058550400 Email: acasalinuovo@elia.org
101 - 2275 Upper Middle Road East Oakville ON L6H 0C3 http://www.elia.org


Sean McKim CondoVoter
Telephone: 6476897507 Email: info@condovoter.com
73 Richmond Street West Suite L06 Toronto ON M5H 4E8 https://condovoter.com/

Providing simple, effective solutions for Boards to consistently reach quorum, professionally conduct meetings, take accurate minutes, and address complex & unique communication needs.

Landscaping Services

Andrew Westrik Whispering Pines Landscaping & Gardening
Telephone: 519 943 0330 ext.104 Email: andrew@wpn.ca
473020 Dufferin County Road 11 Amaranth ON L9W 0R2 http://wpn.ca

We are a full-service landscape company providing lawn maintenance, garden care & snow services. Founded in 1993, we have established, strong client relationships fostered by our commitment to exceptional quality.

Legal Services

Denise Lash Lash Condo Law
Telephone: Email: dlash@lashcondolaw.com
225 Richmond Street West Suite 200 Toronto ON M5V 1W2 http://www.lashcondolaw.com

Asphalt - Repair and Maintenance, Paving

Robin Farley Addaline Asphalt Maintenance
Telephone: Email: farley@addaline.ca

Addaline repairs potholes and concrete restores and replaces catch basins, and provides hot rubber crack fill and line painting services. Addaline provides you with our industry-leading 2-year warranty.

Emergency/Disaster Restoration

Keith MacLeod Servpro Disaster Recovery Team
Telephone: 519-837-8787 Email: claims@servproguelph.com
2-558 Massey Road Guelph ON N1K 1B4 http://www.servproguelph.com/

SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team restores properties affected by Fire and Water Damage. Our team has over 150 years of experience and specializes in commercial and multi-family units.

Darren East Edwards Community Management Inc.
Telephone: 12265079062 Email: darren@edwardsmanagement.ca
55 Northfield Dr. E. 158 Waterloo ON N2K3T6 http://www.edwardsmanagement.ca

Boutique condominium management services.

Legal Services

Jamie Cockburn SmithValeriote Law Firm LLP
Telephone: Email: jcockburn@svlaw.com
105 Silvercreek Parkway North Suite 100 Guelph ON N1H 6S4