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Navigating COVID-19 in Condominiums .

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Episode One: Don't Stop, Keep Planning
CCI-GRC Director, Brad Wells, addresses Condominium Board Members and shares two important messages.
Episode Two: Cleaning Protocols
CEO of LCM Property Services Inc., Leigh Merswolke shares cleaning protocols for condominiums during COVID-19.
Episode Three: What to do if a Resident Tests Positive
Mark Willis-O’Connor discusses the procedure if someone in your Condominium Corporation tests positive for COVID-19.
Episode Four: Finances and Government Assistance Programs
Shalon Seebach discusses how to manage a Condominium’s cash flow during COVID 19.
Episode Five: Liening Condominium Units
Robert Mullin discusses whether or not a Condominium should issue liens for arrears during COVID 19.
Episode Six: Impact on Construction
Jordan Swail discusses the Impact on Construction during COVID-19.
Episode Seven: Virtual Meetings
Michelle Kelly discusses the Virtual Meetings during COVID-19.

Thank you to CCI-Toronto for sharing the Following Educational Videos

We are pleased to present CCI – Your Condo Connection, a video series touching upon an array of topics of interest for those involved in – or thinking about becoming involved in – condominium communities.

Season Four

Access to Records featuring Patrick Greco
Patrick Greco addresses the controversial issue of access to condominium records by unit owners.
Communications featuring Sue Langlois
Communications specialist Sue Langlois returns to speak to host Murray Johnson about how to effectively communicate in condominiums.
Water Damages - Vacation Disasters featuring Mark Shedden
Mark Shedden speaks to host Murray Johnson about condominium insurance considerations in respect of water damages and vacation disasters.
Workplace Harassement featuring John De Vellis
John De Vellis speaks to host Murray Johnson about workplace harassment in the condominium environment.
Online Delivery featuring Tania Haluk
Tania Haluk returns to speak to host Murray Johnson about the increasing challenge of online deliveries affecting condominiums.
Successful Committees featuring Dean McCabe
Dean McCabe speaks to host Murray Johnson about how to effectively use committees to foster community and to get things done – appropriately – in a condominium setting. Dean addresses common pitfalls that Boards should avoid in making use of committees.
Changing Contracts featuring Tim Duggan
Tim Duggan speaks to host Murray Johnson about how condominiums can appropriately change contracts.
Parking Storage Charges Usage and Towing featuring Bob Vertatschitsch
Bob Vertatschitsch speaks about parking storage challenges in condos.
Borrowing for Condos featuring Paul Pittana
Paul Pittana – a condominium loan specialist – speaks to the process of condominium borrowing, a financing process that is very different to traditional borrowing.

Season Three

Top 5 Responsible Neighbour Tips featuring Tania Haluk
Property manager Tania Haluk kicks off Season 3 of our popular video series by providing host Murray Johnson with tips for being a responsible condominium neighbour.
Air Flow - Weather Stripping, Odours, Cooking featuring Sally Thompson
Sally Thompson joins host Murray Johnson to speak about air flow in condominiums.
Suite Seasons - Seasonal Change Over featuring Paul Belanger
Paul Belanger talks to host Murray Johnson about season changes in condominium suites.
Balconies - BBQ's, Cigarette Butts featuring Mo Killu
Mo Killu joins host Murray Johnson for a discussion about condo balconies.
Feeling Violated - Right To Enter featuring Denise Lash
Denise Lash speaks to host Murray Johnson about the right of entry to condo suites.
Condo Security featuring Quintin Johnstone
Quintin Johnstone joins host Murray Johnson to discuss condominium security.
Fire Safety In Condos featuring Michele Farley
Michele Farley speaks to host Murray Johnson about fire safety in condominiums.
What Can I Change/What do I own/Illegal Reno featuring Ashley Winberg
Lawyer Ashley Winberg reviews what condo owners can and cannot change and clarifies unit vs. common elements with host Murray Johnson
Leasing My Unit /Airbnbs featuring Joy Mathews
Joy Mathews talks Airbnb and the leasing of condominium units with host Murray Johnson.
Pets - Owner and Non Owner Rights featuring Stan Morris
Stan Morris joins host Murray Johnson to discuss condo pets.

Season Two

What is a Condo? featuring Patricia Elia
Condominium lawyer Patricia Elia helps Murray Johnson kick off season 2 of CCI’s popular video series by getting back to basics and reviewing what, exactly, a condo is…
Why Should I Attend the AGM? featuring Brian Horlick
Condominium lawyer Brian Horlick discusses with host Murray Johnson why condominium unit owners should attend their Annual General Meeting.
What do Condominium Boards Do? featuring Yehudi Hendler
Condominium manager, unit owner and resident Yehudi Hendler joins host Murray Johnson to review what condominium Boards of Directors do and what authority they have during and outside of Board meetings.
What Does the Manager Do? featuring Bob Girard
Bob Girard discusses the role of condominium property management with host Murray Johnson.
Rule Enforcement featuring Audrey Loeb
Condominium lawyer Audrey Loeb discusses the enforcement of condo rules with host Murray Johnson
What Do My Monthly Fees Cover? featuring Park Thompson
Park Thompson, CPA, CA, ACCI (Accountant) joins host Murray Johnson to review what is including in condominium common expenses.
Condominium Liens featuring Maria Durdan
Condominium lawyer Maria Durdan reviews what happens when a unit owner does not pay their common expenses and the lien rights of condominium corporations
Debunking Low Fees in Condo's featuring Mario Deo and John Warren
John Warren and Mario Deo join host Murray Johnson to discuss condominium common expenses, including myths and misunderstandings surrounding “low fees” and comparing common expenses between condominiums.

Season One

Why Live In a Condo featuring Murray Johnson
The first of CCI’s 12 part video series features host Murray Johnson as he talks about the series which is designed to educate people who are considering buying into the condominium lifestyle for the first time, as well as to inform them about moving in and understanding who is who and which obligations will fall to the new owner and which to the condominium governance team.
The Right Fit featuring Lisa Kay
Are you thinking of buying a condo? If so, this video will provide you with some insight into key considerations to keep in mind. Special guest Lisa Kay joins host Murray Johnson for the second episode of CCI’s video series to discuss how prospective condominium purchasers can find the right condo for them.
Owner Roles and Responsibilities featuring Bill Thompson
Every condominium unit owner should be aware of their role, their rights and their responsibilities. In the third installment of our twelve part video series, Bill Thompson speaks to the role, rights and responsibilities of the unit owners of a condominium.
Interpreting Status Certificates featuring Armand Conant
We often hear that Status Certificates are important but they can appear to be presented in another language. For the 4th episode in our 12 part video series, lawyer Armand Conant joins host Murray Johnson to speak about interpreting the Status Certificate.
Understanding Condo Finances featuring Brian Antman
Finances are undoubtedly an important aspect of any condominium community. Unfortunately, they can also be difficult to understand. Brian Antman joins host Murray Johnson for the fifth episode of our video series to help us understand condo finances.
Smooth Moves – First Day featuring Richard Pearlstein
Moving into a condo is different than moving into a house. Special guest Richard Pearlstein joins our host, Murray Johnson, to speak about some of the unique considerations and planning that goes into moving day in the world of condominiums.
Where Do I Go For Help featuring Bill Thompson
Condo life is not free of issues or concerns. Bill Thompson, the President of CCI (National), joins our host Murray Johnson to review where you can go for help when issues emerge in your newly constructed condominium community.
Fitting In featuring Sue Langlois
Live in a condominium community? Sue Langlois shares tips and insights on how to be a good neighbour.
Balancing the Needs of the Community featuring Marc Bhalla
Perhaps the greatest challenge in the condominium dynamic is trying to balance what is best for the community overall against individual interests. A condo mediator (Marc Bhalla) provides some tips and strategies for striking this balance.
Who Makes the Final Decisions featuring Ernie Nyitrai
In our 10th episode, we examine how decisions are made for a condominium community.
Reserve Funds featuring Sally Thompson
A reserve fund is a condo’s piggy bank but does not exist for use on any given “rainy day”. There are restrictions surrounding the type of expenses a reserve fund can be used for, along with best practices to keep in mind to make sure that yours is adequately funded.
How Do I Make My Condo Great featuring Vic Persaud
Living in a condo can be great! Vic Persaud, the Chair of CCI Toronto’s Membership Committee, which administers the Condo of the Year program, shares some tips and best practices on how to make the most of your experience in a condominium community.

Filming of Season One

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CCI-GRC Educational Videos

By Maria Durdan
The Mediation
By Marc Bhalla
The Great Canadian Novel
By Rob Mullin
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