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As you may know, a provincial election will be held in Ontario on June 2, 2022. CCI-GRC recognizes that its members may have an interest in the positions and views that the respective parties and candidates have on matters relating to condominiums. To this end, CCI-GRC, in conjunction with the other Ontario CCI Chapters, will be sending a questionnaire to candidates representing the major parties in wards with a significant number of condominiums, asking for their positions on several condominium-related issues. The candidates will also be provided with background information to provide them with basic information on the issues. The questions and background information that will be issued by the Grand River Chapter may be viewed here. CCI will update its members with respect to any answers received from candidates.

Voting for your board of directors or for the Canadian election.

In addition, the Ontario CCI Chapters will be inviting the leaders of the provincial parties to participate in a townhall session or meet and greet to discuss issues of importance to the condominium industry. CCI will provide details of the town hall or meet and greet if any of the party leaders accept this invitation.

Have any more questions or need clarification? Reach out to your condominium board or manager promptly.

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Ian Miller, P.Eng., LEED AP, CCCA
Project Principal, Regional Manager (S.W. Ontario)
Director of Sales and Client Service

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