How to Keep Your Board Members Happy

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A condominium’s Board of Directors play a significant and immeasurable role in the daily governance of a condominium corporation in Ontario. Board members are not only responsible for ensuring the corporation is well managed on behalf of all owners and residents, they are also responsible for ensuring that the corporation’s financial assets are secured and well managed. 

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Understanding that this volunteer role is not one to take lightly, how can we as owners, managers, professionals, residents, and fellow board members help in keeping board members happy in their roles? 

Understanding the common goal. 

There are always several projects and many moving parts for any condominium. From repairs to upkeep, making sure everyone is aligned with the priority task list will relieve unnecessary stress from any single member. Attending all appropriate meetings and keeping up with the communication will definitely help shave some group tension.

Communication. Communication. Communication. 

It should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway! Communication is key. Are you a board member who feels that one task should be brought up on the priority list? Bring it up at the next board meeting. Are you an owner that is unsure of the next step in a repair process? Reach out! It’s amazing how many of our problems can be solved if we keep an open dialogue with each other. The resources are there for a reason, don’t be afraid to use them!

Knowing that Boards of Directors are vital to the industry.

Your condominium’s Board of Directors are vital to your condominium’s corporation. Boards consist of volunteers with different work and life experience and therefore offer unique perspectives when tackling concerns and listening to owners and residents. Respecting the different views of each other and listening can lead your condominium to new and creative solutions. And hey, it may even save you money!

Compassion and support.

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Now that we understand the priority list, are great at communication, and know that a Board of Directors plays a significant role in a condominium corporation, the last aspect to consider when trying to keep your board happy is: compassion and support. 

Your Board of Directors are human, after all. Being courteous with each other will lend a huge helping hand in keeping a better community. 

Being a Board member means wanting to make a difference in your community. It’s a lot easier to make a difference when you feel respected and heard. Being an active part of your community and listening to the concerns of your corporation can help your board check tasks off their lists and continue ensuring you are living your best condo life. 

Reach out to your condominium board today to see how you can support your community.

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Maggie Matian
Marketing Manager for CCI Grand River

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