Keep Warm This Winter with These Fire Safety Tips

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The time for sunshiny outdoor activities has passed, as winter is beginning to roll in. That means the end of BBQs, casual walks in the parks, and lengthy patio hangouts. 

Enter: cozy nights-in, snow-filled activities, and an uprise in potlucks. Given the nature of most condominiums being close quarters, the risk for indoor fires increases. Not to fear, though! If you take some extra steps this frosty season, you can be sure to stop winter fires’ top recurring suspects.

Condominium winter safety and fire prevention. Smoke detectors.

The first culprit – Smoke detectors 

You may think that because of the low outdoor temperatures, that you are at a lower risk for indoor fires. But, this is certainly not the case. It’s important to make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in good working condition and that the batteries don’t need to be swapped out. 

Let the winter wonderland outside be your surprise, not preventable indoor fires. 

If you haven’t had a smoke and/or carbon monoxide detector inspection in a while, schedule yours ASAP. Work with your condominium management team and get on that.

The second culprit – Vents 

Condominium winter safety and fire prevention. Vents.

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll remember how we advised condominium managers and owners to work with their contractors to check over the building and dryer vents before the winter snow starts piling on. 

The heaters will be working in overdrive, and your dryers will be handling heavier wash loads. With the nature of heavy-duty sweaters and thick pants, it’ll be lint-city. Do your part if you are an owner using your building’s facilities and empty the lint catcher after every use. 

However, vent maintenance should be an ongoing winter task. Work with your management company to check on your vents throughout the season so that no one has to run into any vent-related mishaps or fires. 

The third culprit – Cooks

Condominium winter safety and fire prevention. Outdoor cooking and BBQs.

There isn’t a smell missed more during winter than that of the backyard BBQ. For highrise owners, this may mean that the shared BBQ areas have been shut down for the season. If you haven’t already, double-check with your condominium management about the outdoor cooking policies. 

Some condominiums don’t allow for private BBQing. Just like some condominiums allow for continued shared BBQ space during the winter. 

Don’t just assume – double-check.

Safety over a rotisserie, any day.

Poor winter isn’t everyone’s favourite of the four seasons, but if you follow the above tips and keep your condominium management informed of any concerns, you can be sure to enjoy even just a few winter days.

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Maggie Matian
Marketing Manager for CCI Grand River Chapter


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