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Due to the growth of membership in a large geographic area, the region previously serviced by the Golden Horseshoe Chapter is now serviced by two chapters: Grand River and Golden Horseshoe. Businesses that serve both areas are welcome to join both chapters if they would like.

Membership in the Grand River Chapter includes the following geographical areas:

CCI - Your Condo Connection

CCI is the largest national not-for-profit condominium organization and leads the condominium industry by providing education, information, awareness, and access to expertise by and for our members.

Coast to Coast...we are your condo connection!

CCI was formed in 1982 as an independent, non-profit organization to encourage and promote a strong condominium marketplace. CCI members include condominium unit owners, directors, professionals, and business partners.

To become a CCI-GRC Member, simply download our printable Application Form (PDF format), and mail your completed application along with your payment to the address indicated on the form.

Annual Membership Dues: July 1 to June 30

Why Join? – Professionals and Business Partner

CCI provides growth opportunities for the professionals, and business partners who service the condominium market… and we look forward to welcoming you as a CCI member!

Don’t miss your opportunity to increase business, receive greater recognition and more referrals to help you reach your goals. CCI’s Grand River Chapter represents over 21,000 condominium units and is still growing!

Cost effective CCI Membership offers numerous opportunities:

Professional Member

A Professional Member is an individual who participates professionally in a field or endeavour related to condominiums. Professional membership applies only to the person in whose name it is held.

Professional Membership  $360.00 + $46.80 HST = $406.80

Associate* Professional $160.00 + $20.80 HST = $180.80
*Secondary individuals from same firm at same mailing address


Business Partner Member

Business Partner memberships shall be limited to any corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship (other than one would qualify for Condominium or Professional Membership), government agency, investment firm, lending institution, insurance company, advertising company, development or construction firm or other business entity that is involved in the condominium industry. Business Partner membership is held by the company and for event discounts, all employees are eligible.

Business Partner Membership $360.00 + $46.80 HST = $406.80

Secondary* Business Partner Membership $200.00 + 26.00 HST = $226.00
*Secondary Location (Same business with multiple locations)

Why Join? – Individuals and Condo Corporations

As a unit owner or condominium director, a host of valuable membership benefits are available through your CCI membership, including:

Educational Discounts on Courses/Events
Complimentary Publications

Individual and Condo Corporation Registrations

Condominium Corporation Membership:

  • 1-19 units $90.00 + $11.70 HST = $101.70
  • 20-49 units $135.00 + $17.55 HST = $152.55
  • 50-99 units $200.00 + $26.00 HST = $226.00
  • 100-149 Units $235.00 + $30.55 HST = $265.55
  • 150+ Units $275.00 + $35.75 HST = $310.75

Individual Membership

  • $100.00 + $13.00 HST = $113.00

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Corporation Mail/Fax

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