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The condominium community is growing at an astonishing rate. Nearly one third of all homes sold today are condominiums. Millions of Canadians live, play and in many cases work, in some form of condominium development.

Condominium legislation is complex thus making the operation and administration of condominiums a challenge. The CCI can provide you with the support and guidance to assist you in meeting that challenge. The CCI has and will continue to lead the way in promoting and improving condominium living.

Membership includes…

CCI also provides growth opportunities for the professionals and trades who service the condominium market. The most cost-effective way to increase business and tap into the growing condominium market is through CCI membership!

Why join CCI?

Annual Membership Fee – July 1 to June 30 Annually

Condominium Corporation Membership 

There are four categories for Condominium Corporation Membership: 1-19 Units, 20-49 units, 50-149 units and 150+ units.

Individual Membership 

Individual memberships shall be limited to any owner or occupant of a condominium, strata or equivalent corporation and any other person other than a person who would qualify as professional member interested in furthering the goals of the CCI.

Professional Membership 

A Professional Member is an individual who participates professionally in a field or endeavour related to condominiums. Professional membership applies only to the person in whose name it is held.

Business Partner Membership 

Business Partner memberships shall be limited to any corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship (other than one would qualify for Condominium or Professional Membership), government agency, investment firm, lending institution, insurance company, advertising company, development or construction firm or other business entity that is involved in the condominium industry. Business Partner membership is held by the company and for event discounts, all employees are eligible.

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CCI Testimonial

I first became a member of the CCI as a Condominium Board of Director, then I continued my membership as a Condominium Property Manager and now I am a member as a Professional and Business Partner as a trade that works in the Industry (Trade-Mark Industrial)

I honestly could not list all of the benefits of being a member of CCI

So I will make some in point form:

Benefits of being a member of CCI

- Education

- Networking

- Experience unforgettable moments

- Sharing of Information in the Industry

- Meeting and maintaining wonderful friendships

 I have been a member of CCI for many years and it has brought me the opportunity to meet amazing people and learn from some of the industry’s leading professionals. As a member of CCI Board of Directors I have been given the opportunity to attend National Leadership Forums and meet the great people involved in the other CCI Chapters from Coast to Coast.
Thank you to everyone involved in CCI


-Pam Smuts RCM, Service Coordinator, Trade-Mark Industrial

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