New Licensee Designations for Condo Managers

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New Licensee Designations for Condo Managers

ProfessionalWomanCondo property managers must be licensed by the Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario in accordance with the Condominium Management Services Act, 2015 (the “CMSA”) in order to provide condo management services. The mandatory licensing regime only came into force in 2017, so as the condo industry adapts to the new system, the CMRAO is continuously releasing new information and responding to questions from licensees and the public.

Recently, the CMRAO answered a question raised by many licensees: How should a condo manager represent their professional licence? For example, how should a condo manager display their license in their email signatures or on business cards? 

The CMRAO released a set of designations that licensed condo managers may use, if they choose to do so, according to the class of licence the condo manager holds. It is important to note that licensees are not required to use these designations. Licensees are only required to hold a valid licence and if they choose to promote their licence, to do so accurately. 

However, the new standardized designations are a useful and professional way to show the public which licence they hold and to promote the services they provide. 

The designations assigned by the CMRAO are as follows:

  1. For those with a General or Transitional General Licence, use Ontario Licensed Condominium Manager (OLCM). 

Note that Transitional General Licensees have until June 30, 2021, to complete the requisite education and obtain a General Licence.

  1. For those with a Limited Licence, use Ontario Licensed Condominium Manager (OLCM-L)
  2. For businesses with a Condominium Management Provider Licence, use Ontario Licenced Condominium Management Provider (OLCMP)

The example provided by the CMRAO looks like this: 

Ania Watters, OLCM
Condominium Management Company Name

Condo managers, you have worked hard to earn your licence! These designations offer a uniform way for you to show this hard work and the dedicated services you provide. 

To access the CMSA, click here https://www.ontario.ca/laws/statute/15c28

To visit the CMRAO website, click here: https://www.cmrao.ca/en-US/


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