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Are you interested in contributing to our new blog? We're looking for blogs that are focused on the condo lifestyle and condo-related education for our members! Get started today by downloading our Blog Submission Form here
What we're looking for in a blog:
  • Writing for an audience that includes condominium owners and directors – not too technical;
  • Our members' perspectives on issues that matter and valuable resources for our members – that includes condominium unit owners, directors, property managers, and business partners; and
  • Your expertise on condo living and/or working in the industry.
If you'd like to talk about your blog ideas, submit your blog topic for approval to admin@cci-grc.ca for review.
You'll also see other information being shared here, such as industry news and updates for you – our members. We look forward to seeing our community come together, sharing ideas and information in this new space! 

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