An Introduction to Canadian Condominium Institute: Opportunities and Benefits

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We kick off the first episode with Brad Wells, President of Wilson Blanchard Property Management and Vice President of CCI Grand River chapter, and Michelle Kelly, a partner at Robson Carpenter LLP, condo law expert, and currently President of CCI Grand River chapter. 

CCI Grand River is all about helping people! Listen to this episode to find out how CCI Grand River is a phenomenal resource for condo managers, directors, professionals, and owners!

Key Points:

  • Learn about Michelle’s story and how she went from not knowing anything about condos to becoming a condo expert
  • How most people come to work with condos and get “hooked”
  • The importance of networking and community between professionals and condo owners, and the go-to directory filled with condo experts
  • What CCI Grand River provides for condo managers, directors, professionals, and owners
  • Opportunities to get free legal advice
  • An update on the Condo Authority Tribunal (CAT) which has expanded its jurisdiction and will now hear nuisance, annoyance and disruption disputes (noise, odour, light, smoke, etc). 
  • Stay tuned for new updates! 

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