Reflecting on Our 2019 AGM

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72630979 844516615950694 7513640470799450112 O 844516612617361For those who think there are more interesting ways of spending an evening than attending an Annual General Meeting, read on!  The CCI Grand River Chapter held its second AGM on September 25th at the offices of RLB LLP.  Under Casey Beacock’s skillful direction, the meeting moved fluidly allowing ample time to network with fellow members and sponsors and eat and drink some amazing food prepared by local providers.  72738115 844515892617433 6519164849522475008 O 844515889284100

Schmuck Truck, a gourmet food truck and catering company served up four delicious options.  Dixon’s Distilled Spirits, a Guelph based distillery offered various cocktails of premium Canadian spirits.  Last but certainly not least, Sweet Temptations, a Guelph bakery cured our sweet tooth with yummy treats.  In fact, we had such a great time that our host had to eventually remind us all that it was time to leave.  Having all the room lights automatically go off helped clear the room!74661727 844516842617338 8412073218814246912 O 844516839284005

Further, thanks to the professional and business partners who either had a tabletop exhibit or provided financial support, ensuring the food and drink and venue was free!  Thank you again to our Sponsors:  RJC Engineers, McIntosh Perry, Waterloo Garage Doors, Belanger Engineering, Brown & Beattie Engineering, Caliburn Engineering, Globe LED, LeAC Shield, RLB and MF Property Management.

75323346 844517225950633 2314134413513850880 O 844517219283967Fellowship and delicious food and drink is a great way to end a very successful year!  Our membership continues to grow, we have updated our website and created a blog and are continuing to offer top-notch educational events. Finally, a special thanks to the Professional & Business Partner Committee for planning this event!  On behalf of everyone who attended, well done!



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