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If you have a blog or an educational video to submit, please download the following form and email editor@cci-grc.ca

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Blog Submission Form

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Educational Video Submission Form

If you have an Educational Video to submit, please download the following form, and email editor@cci-grc.ca

Please review the best practices before submitting your blog post. Best Practices:

● Write for an audience that includes condominium owners, directors & managers. Avoid technical language.

● Include at least one image in your article, but no more than 3.

● This is not a direct sales pitch opportunity, articles must be of value to our members.

● Cite any content taken from another source and include original source links whenever possible.

BLOG TITLE: Titles should be intriguing, engaging, and clear.

CONTENT: Approx. 300-600 words; Limit 1000 words BLOG

IMAGE(S): Any high-resolution images that you would like included in the blog post. Please indicate if the image should be associated with a particular paragraph Jpg or png preferred. No Google copied photos are permitted. If photos may be changed due to poor quality by CCI-GRC. Please submit your photos as attachments to this form where applicable.

AUTHOR HEADSHOT: High-resolution headshot, jpg or png file types preferred attached to this form. Submit this completed form along with your photos and additional documentation. The deadline for submission is 2 weeks prior to the release date.

Please note: Editors will approach authors about any major edits, but may make small edits (e.g. grammar, spelling, keywords, SEO best practices) without notice.

CCI-Grand River Chapter and its editors reserve the right to not publish any submitted content that is inappropriate, misleading, a direct sales pitch, and/or not in line with our content and social media policies and guidelines.

The deadline for submission is 2 weeks prior to the release date.

Please be advised that CCI Grand River reserves the right to publish all blog posts according to the editorial calendar.