Fly On Snowbird

Snowbirds! Do not fly the coop just yet Firstly, are you hopping onto a plane, train, or automobile out of the country this year? If so, I am jealous! Perhaps […]

How to Prepare for Upcoming Budgets

It’s that time of year again! For the many corporations with December 31st year-ends, it’s time to work on your corporation’s budget for the next fiscal year. This can be a very […]

Getting Ready for 2023!

It is hard to believe that the summer has passed so quickly. It is already the fall. This is not a time for the board to take a breather. Now […]

Condominium Pets vs. The CAT

June 2022 Teno v. Essex C.C. No. 28, 2022 ONCAT 43 Introduction May 2022 was a busy month in the Condominium Authority Tribunal (“CAT”). As our readers will know, the […]