The War on Grass (Not “That” Grass) – Sod vs. Seed

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It’s spring and the warm weather is upon us. The snow and ice have melted, the ground is starting to warm, and you look forward to seeing that lush, green lawn.

You (the Property Manager) have scheduled the spring property walk. You meet the Board of Directors and the Landscaper on site and you see it right away…the “ugly” yellow patch, the discoloured section on the “that” corner, or the brown section of nothing but dirt beside the curb.  It’s the construction-damaged, pet-damaged, salt-damaged, plow-damaged, patchy areas of not-green stuff that you know the Board of Directors and Condominium Owners are going to be disappointed looking at.

As you walk the property, the question from the Board of Directors and you to the Landscaper is: “How do we fix this?”

Inevitably, one Board Member will say, “We can just put sod down” and another will say, “No, sod won’t take there. We need to seed it.”

The good news is they are both correct. The bad news is it can be complicated when choosing which one is best.

There are many factors to consider when deciding on seed vs. sod, particularly on condominium properties.  In both cases, soil preparation is necessary. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both:
Copy Of Sod 5

There are additional factors to consider when deciding if sod or seed will work best for the area.

  • What is the condition of the soil?
  • What are the growing conditions?
  • How quickly do the residents want to see results? Are they willing to be patient?
  • What time of year is it? (Laying sod in July is not recommended)
  • Is the area favoured by pets?  
  • What is the condominium’s budget?

As well, the condominium’s watering is always a factor. While more and more newer built condominium properties have irrigation systems, some of the older properties do not. You or the Board of Directors will have to decide how to ensure the water is applied as needed for both sod and seed plantings. This may require some volunteers. Failure to water either choice properly can jeopardize the replacement and be a waste of condominium funds.

Whether you choose sod or seed, it is wise to protect your investment. Once the grass has been established, ensure you continue to nurture your lawn. Regular maintenance, cutting, aerating, fertilizing, and weeding will ensure your grass/lawn is resistant to the elements and you have a lush, green lawn for years to come.

*Resources; Fixr.com and Superb Property Maintenance

Copy Of Sod 3

Mike Seager (and Michelle Dyer)
Superb Property Maintenance


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