Thinking about Spring? Introducing Whispering Pines Landscaping!

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Since 1993 they have been creating and maintaining exceptional landscapes through the Spring and Summer months AND ensuring safe properties through the snowy Winter seasons. Read-on for some tips from Whispering Pines Landscaping.

The lawn furniture is tucked away and the snow contractors are doing their best to meet winter’s rigorous demands; now is the best time to put plans in place for the coming “green season” of 2022!

Winter%20RoadHere are some important considerations to add to your next Board meeting agenda to ensure your condo property will provide enjoyment and pleasure for unit owners:

1. Audit of your Garden Care program.  Are your gardens looking their best?  Are your shrubs being pruned at a horticulturally appropriate time of the year?  Do you remember the last time the gardens in your community brought joy? Chances are that you could not answer “yes” to each of those questions.  Spring%20Garden

  • Solution: consider adding a specific line in your budget to allocate funds to the maintenance of gardens.  Corporation budgets commonly combine grass cutting and garden care under one line: Maintenance.  Perhaps your property could benefit from a dedicated gardening crew that makes regular visits with gardens and shrub care as their only priority. Ask your landscape contractor if they offer this service.

2. Schedule a mulch application to your garden beds and tree circles. You have likely seen the positive impact that is immediately visible following an application of fresh mulch. Not only does mulch provide a barrier for weed growth, mulch also helps your garden retain the needed moisture allowing plants and shrubs to thrive.  Mulch will also help prevent rainwater from washing away your soil.  Furthermore, when an organic shredded pine mulch is applied, it will release valuable nutrients in the soil as it naturally decomposes.  

3. Fix lingering outdoor drainage problems. Spring run-off and melting accentuates the wet, soggy areas of condo properties; we all know where the wet spots are on our properties!  Given the high density of the building projects in recent years combined with extreme rain events, there is less surface area for spring runoff and rainwater to be absorbed into the ground.  Pooling of water can also occur in areas where the ground has been saturated. 

  • Solution: a corrective measure, such as a French drain will solve an annual nuisance and provide enjoyment for years to come. Consider contacting your landscape contractor to get on the schedule for a 2022 project. Summer%20Landscape

Whispering Pines Landscaping is a full-service landscape company with experts in the areas of landscape design & construction, garden care, lawn maintenance and snow services.  Their service area includes Guelph, Elora, Fergus and Orangeville.


Andrew Westrik
Sales, Whispering Pines Landscaping

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